А student  from Germany received the first dual German-Ukrainian bachelor degree diploma.

For the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTU “KhPI”) it is a new experience and level of collaboration with the Magdeburg Otto-von-Guericke-University.

It is the first dual bachelor’s degree diploma at our university. A student from Germany Markus Kume received it on the 30th of July, 2012. He became the first graduate student studied according to the dual diploma program. It had been developed for two year period. In Magdeburg Markus spent two years studying at the Economics Department. He came to Ukraine for one year and studied International Management at the Business and Finance Department of the NTU “KhPI” where all courses are delivered in English.

The syllabus of this program was drawn beforehand, basing on the previous collaboration experience. The agreement between the universities makes possible for the student not to go through the same exams twice, but to reckon the marks given by Magdeburg professors. Markus had to pass some additional exams to fill the academic gap between the syllabi of the two universities. The process of the bachelor theses accomplishment was conducted with the help of the senior teacher of the Finance Department I.V.Glushenko.



The university rector, Ph.D, professor L.L.Tovazhniansky congratulated Markus on his achievement. He mentioned that that historical event initiated an absolutely a  new level of collaboration between two universities. He was pleased that the partner university had provided its student an opportunity of studying in Ukraine and that Markus had taken the challenge to be the pioneer of this program. Professor L.L.Tovazhniansky expressed his gratitude to the coordinator from Germany Karin Schimpf and the head of the Finance Department at the NTU “KhPI” professor V.A.Mishchenko for their contribution to the project development.

Markus thanked all coordinators saying that he was pleased to visit Ukraine, where tutors spent more time with their students. He mentioned some distinguishing features that were peculiar for each of the university and differentiated them from each other. These features consisted in much closer communication between students and tutors in Ukraine and that resulted in much more individual approach to the student. Education in Ukraine was more intensive than in Germany. Students spent more time at the university, paying less attention to studying individually at home.

When Markus was asked if it would be possible to accomplish this program distantly by means of the Internet he answered in the affirmative. However he added that it would be more efficient to visit the country. The local environment formed the sufficient part of the education process.

The project coordinators are hoping the following German and Ukrainian students to succeed in getting the dual diplomas. With this program NTU “KhPI” made an essential contribution to the internationalization of education in Ukraine. It sustains   the competitive ability of the students and opens a new level of education in the country.