Студенти НТУ “ХПІ” запрошуються взяти участь у конкурсі на отримання стипендії Ернста Маха та провести один або два семестри в університеті прикладних наук Каринтії (CUAS)


Important facts:

  • This scholarship is open only for students with active student status at their home university! The student has to be enrolled at a university in his/her home country in order to apply, otherwise they are not eligible!
  • Application deadline is 1 March 2021. You can find information about the scholarship on www.grants.at (please type “Ernst Mach” by name and then choose “Ernst Mach Grant for studying at an Austrian university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule)”.
  • In order to apply, the student has to register in a database of www.scholarship.at, where they have to deliver answers to some questions and also upload some documents. It is highly recommended to prepare the answers and the documents in advance, the application itself requires time and effort from the student! CUAS International Relations Office would be happy to individually support your students by the application for Ernst Mach Scholarship.
  • The student needs a Confirmation from CUAS that they will be an Incoming exchange student at CUAS. In order to receive such a Confirmation the student has to apply as an Incoming exchange student and follow the procedure on https://www.fh-kaernten.at/en/international/incoming-exchange-students . CUAS needs about 2 weeks to issue a Letter of Acceptance for the student.
  • By 15 December 2021 we would like to have the list of the students, who want to apply for an exchange with Ernst Mach Scholarship at our institution. It´d be best if we would have all the documents of the students (Application form, Learning agreement, Transcript of Records, Copy of the passport) by the end of December (or beginning of January).

STEPS AND INFORMATION for students interested in spending 1 or 2 semesters at CUAS in Austria:


First you have to apply for an exchange at CUAS in Fall semester 2022. Please follow the procedure on https://www.fh-kaernten.at/en/international/incoming-exchange-students . As part of the procedure you will have to upload a Learning Agreement – a list of courses that you would like to attend at CUAS. You can find the list of courses on https://www.fh-kaernten.at/en/en/study-program (click on the program and then on courses). If you are planning to spend only 1 semester (5 months) in the fall semester 2022 at CUAS, than choose the courses only from semester 1 or 3, if you are planning to spend the whole year (10 months) at CUAS than you have to choose courses from semester 1 & 2 or semester 3 & 4.

Please keep in mind that you have to choose courses for more than 15 ECTS for one and more than 30 ECTS points for two semesters.


Formulate answers to the following questions and send it to Mrs. Alexandra Maurer (a.maurer@fh-kaernten.at ) by 15.12.2021 . She will try to help you with the answers but will not formulate them for you.

Please be PRECISE and OBJECTIVE. Don´t write “I want to make friends in Austria”. The competition for this scholarship is very high, so you have to prove that you are unique and YOU deserve this scholarship. Try not to repeat yourself when giving answers, even though some questions might sound similar.

1) What is your professional career goal (max. 3000 signs = letters)

2) What is your study plan and aim at CUAS (1500 signs)

3) Give reasons how the stay in Austria would help you in your future professional life (max 1500 signs)

4) How would you describe your social competences (max 500 signs)

5) How would you describe your organizational competences (max 500 signs)

6) How would you describe your technical competences (short)

7) How would you describe your IT competences (short)

8) How would you describe your artistic competences (short)

9) What are your interests (short)

10) What are your hobbies (short)

11) Why did you decide to spend your time at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (max 2000 signs)

12) What would you like to do to achieve your study aim at this institution (max 2000 signs)

13) What meaning does your stay at CUAS has for your studies at home institution (max 2000 signs)

Take time to think about the answers and about your study plan for your stay in Austria. As soon as we receive the answers, we will give you feedback. Afterwards you can write the answers in the online application for Ernst Mach Scholarship.


You´re supposed to deliver 2 Letters of Recommendations to your application. This means you have to ask at least 2 professors/lecturers for help. There are drafts of Letters of Recommendations available and you will get access to them as soon as you register in the database of www.scholarship.at

If you have any Language Certificates please prepare them as well, you might have to upload them during the application procedure for Ernst Mach.

Додаток – FOL_100x210_Ernst-Mach-Stipendium_2021.1pdf_compressed